What the Feeding Africa international foundation UK does:

Our initial aim was to improve education and access to education in Africa, but our experience was that this was often hampered by failures of governance – of inequality and corruption. Hence, we also provided grants to help the growth of civil society to create a platform upon which education could flourish and be effective. In 2006 our focus was revised to two main areas: Education and Civil Society. We aim to give 70% of our support to the main areas of Education and Civil Society. The remaining 30% of our grants will be awarded to causes close to the personal interests of the Garry family that are not connected to our strategic interests in Education and Civil Society. This will include our ongoing support for the Science and Arts.

We are primarily a grant funder and look to take a strategic approach where possible. We encourage the use of research and a strong evidence base across our two main areas of focus, and we will be looking to commission small research projects in these areas. We look to broker partnerships and strongly encourage knowledge sharing and dissemination and the use of open access and creative commons to achieve this. Characteristics that are common across our funding include building networks, unlocking and enabling potential, catalysing change, and encouraging the use of a strong evidence base. We would expect all the organisations we support to take the Agriculture Sustainable Development Goals into consideration and how their work addresses them, particularly goals #6, #8, #18 and #20. About FAIF